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Husband dumped 24 puppies in woods

Staley's wife, Tammy, the owner of Northern Puppies in Plattsburgh, faces 20 counts of animal cruelty in an unrelated case.

Saturday, Plattsburgh police received a call from a Northern Puppies employee stating the back door to the business had been forced open. Money had been stolen from the register Sustanon 250 Injection Frequency and shelving units had been knocked over. Twenty four puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months were also missing. A search of the woods in the Saranac, Peasleeville and Dannemora areas turned up another puppy found near Collins Road and Pup Hill Road. Police say three more Northern Puppies were found by area residents and turned over to a local veterinarian and shelter.

Police said during the course of the investigation, they were able to determine Michael Staley was responsible for burglary. Staley admitted to police to faking the store's burglary and stealing the puppies.

Michael Staley told NewsChannel 5 he staged the robbery and dumped the dogs because he said he saw how his wife was suffering from growing veterinary bills. He Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) said he made a point to leave them near people's houses so the animals would be found. Tammy Staley estimated she has incurred tens of thousands of dollars in bills since her license was revoked.

The Staleys did not want to appear on camera Monday, but said the dogs had all been treated while in their care. Tammy Staley said she did not know that the break in had been staged Winstrol A Prolaktyna until Sunday night.

Police continued to search Sunday evening and found an additional six puppies in the area of Macomb State Park in Peru. Another puppy was found in Dannemora. As of Monday, police said 13 of the 24 puppies have been recovered.

Some puppies are in the care of the Eagle's Nest Veterinary Hospital. Veterinarians there said the puppies have been exposed to coccidia, ring worm and parvo. These are contagious illnesses to other animals. Dogs can also pass the fungal ring Turinabol 10mg Reviews worm infection to people.

The investigation is continuing and criminal charges are pending.

PLATTSBURGH PET "Oxandrolone Powder India" STORE WAS CHARGED WITH 20 COUNTS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY. HER HUSBAND IS IMPLICATED IN A PUPPY DUMPING SPREE. GOOD EVENING I'M STEPHANIE GORIN. I'M GEORGE MALLET. LAST MONTH, TAMMY STALEY, THE OWNER OF NORTHERN PUPPIES, WAS CHARGED FOR Comprar Levitra NOT PROVIDING PROPER MEDICAL TREATMENT TO KITTENS IN HER STORE. NOW POLICE SAY HER HUSBAND, MICHAEL STALEY, HAS ADMITTED TO STAGING A BURGLARY AT THAT STORE AND ABANDONING SICK PUPPIES THROUGHOUT CLINTON COUNTY. NEWS CHANNEL FIVE'S DAVID CHARNS IS IN THE NORTH COUNTRY TONIGHT WITH OUR STORY. QUICK! DAVID CHARNS tammy staley owns northern puppies here in plattsburgh. Her husband michael says he abandoned 24 puppies because of growing vet bills. He also says he purposely left them near people's houses, so they would be found AMBER CANE PUPPY just a dog on the side of the road. It kind of looked like a fox WHAT LOOKED LIKE A FOX BECAME A NEW PET FOR AMBER CANE. AMBER CANE PUPPY it made me feel disgusted that somebody would do that to puppies. Just leave them to pretty much die on the side of the road in the woods 24 DOGS DUMPED FROM NORTHERN PUPPIES. THE STORE'S OWNER TAMMY STALEY HAD HER LICENSE SUSPENDED LAST MONTH. OVER THE WEEKEND HER HUSBAND MICHAEL STAGED A BREAK IN. THE STALEYS DID NOT WANT TO TALK ON CAMERA BUT MICHAEL TOLD ME HE DID IT TO AVOID PAYING "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" MORE VET BILLS. REBECCA KING VETERINARY HOSPITAL they're all underweight. Very hungry A HANDFUL OF PUPPIES ARE RECIEIVING TREATMENT FOR PARVO AND RING WORM. REBECCA KING VETERINARY HOSPITAL it's out there in the environment. There's no way of knowing where they picked Buy Cialis Germany it up THE STALEYS SAY THE DOGS HAVE ALREADY BEEN TREATED. nat dog THE VET SAYS OTHERWISE SOME PUPPIES TOO ILL FOR EVEN US TO SEE. DAVID CHARNS foxy here got away with just some minor blisters on her paws. Other than that she'll be okay. As for the other dogs at the vet, some of them could be there for weeks REBECCA KING VETERINARY HOSPITAL as soon of their sure that they're not going to break for any signs of diseases then they'll be okay to do whatever the police department wants to do with them DAVID CHARNS tammy staley faces 20 animal cruelty charges in an unrelated case. The pet store remains opens. In plattsburgh i'm david charns newschannel 5